Pachamanca ritual action food & Papitas Tarpuycha/Earthing Potatoes in the Singapore Biennale 2022-2023.

Papitas Tarpuycha/Earthing Potatoes ist a collaborative wit the artist Åsa Sonjasdotter.

“VA 28462 CHUQUITANTA. La Restitución de la Dignidad” es una aproximación de cine documental participativo,  autorrepresentación y empoderamiento en relación a los museos, el patrimonio, la memoria y la cultura viva de las comunidades RUNAS. 

“…The Restitution of Dignity” is a participatory documentary film approach, self-representation and empowerment in relation to museums, heritage, memory and the living culture of the RUNE communities

Suma Qamaña. Gutes Leben in der Stadt

“Die Künstlerin Daniela Zambrano Almidón beleuchtet die wichtige Verbindung zwischen traditionellen Ritualen und dem zeitgenössischen urbanen Leben durch einen Dialog mit dem Aymara-Schamanen Apu Qullana Malku. Ihr Video Suma Qamaña. Gutes Leben in der Stadt bringt uns die Zeremonien des Lernens und der Weisheit näher, die im Konzept von ,Suma Qamaña‘, oder dem ‚guten Leben‘ enthalten sind”

Photografie: victoriatomaschko

SER FLOR, Participatory community and intercultural textile.

“This textile takes the form of “Flower” an important element for the indigenous imaginary. An element – Being, that for the Andean and Amazonian cosmovision represents order of life, fertility and ancestral femininity. An element-Being in communion with botany, medicine, memory and representation. She constructed this textile piece through artistic mediation and collective creation, which began through dialogues, memories and reencounters with our own ethnic roots and thinking of ourselves as a weaving. A weaving of fabrics that harbor memories, and that emancipate from our own self-constructed spaces, self-managed from ethnic vulnerability, on the margins of cultural recognition in the big city”.

Tip of the Iceberg, Alterfocus 2021. GlogauAIR Galery . Kreuzberg – Berlín.

Photo: Manuel Soria

»Contracorriente / Gegenstrom«

Video-Essay, 10:24; spanisch mit englischen Untertiteln. Regie, Produktion, Script and Edition: Daniela Zambrano Almidón & Pablo Santacana López; Basierend auf Gedichten von: »El Río«, Javier Heraud, 1960 and »The Sea is History«, Derek Walcott, 1978. Videoaufnahmen in Lima: Kapaq Sumaq Ayllu, Daniela Zambrano Almidón, Andrés García Gonzáles. Videoaufnahmen in Berlin: Dalís Pacheco. Dank an: „Hermana Killa“ María Rosales, Julián Cirilo Flores, Hermán Salas, Roxana Poblet, Thea Rose Kohrt, Teobaldo Félix Zambrano, Henry Guillén, Santiago Morales and Fredy Barzola. In Kooperation mit: Kapaq Sumaq Ayllu in Chuquitanta, Complejo arqueológico el paraíso – MAD.


HumboldtHuaca: Respect for the ancestors! 

Rituality in resistance and desecration of Western spaces.

The project brings together, through relational art, different groups of cultural resistance and indigenous vindication, in assemblies of debate – performance – action. Central theme of is the access to the lost, denied, forbidden, desecrated and privatised knowledge of the indigenous peoples from colonial times to the nowadays times of the reconstructed Berliner Schloss.

After the conquest of America, indigenous peoples have been subjected to a Western civilisation process based on the delegitimization of existing societies. In order to justify colonialism, the invaders invalidated pre-existing systems of order of life, branding them as primitive and savage practices of barbaric, uneducated and inhuman people. Indigenous communities, however, through their resistance, have managed to maintain and transmit their knowledge to the present day, even in processes of migration to colonising countries, where these communities intensify their activity. They celebrate their memory and identity in order to reclaim and dignify what was taken from them and is still a source of discrimination today. Numerous human remains and sacred objects/subjects from these cultures are now exhibited in contexts such as the Humboldtforum, which will house the collections of the Ethnographic Museum of Dhalem, one of the most extensive ethnographic collections in the world. 

In the context of its opening in 2020, a series of actions were carried out to make visible the work of associations, collectives and artists from Peru and Latin America who struggle to transmit and dignify cultures with indigenous roots that are still subjugated and discriminated against today. The actions built a critical dialogue with the museum as a Western symbol of knowledge transmission and colonial perpetuator. The actions culminated in a ritual-protest in front of the Humboldtforum, where the importance of the restitution of indigenous human remains back to their place of origin was clearly stated. The claim foused on the specific case of a MALLQUI (indigenous sacred human remains) looted from the lower Chillón Valley (the former Chuquitanta hacienda, in Lima, Peru). 

For more info about the restitution campaign:


Authors: Daniela Zambrano Almidón y Pablo Santacana López 

With the participation of: 

Comunidad Sikuris Berlín, Grupo Luz Y Color, Asociación Cultural Kapaq Sumaq Ayllu, Bloque Anticolonial Berlín, Museo Afroperuano de Zaña- Lambayeque, Perú), Duo Rhaza and Asociación Kapaq Sumaq Ayllu.

Acknowledgements to:

Felesmira Glandien, Ornella Amichetti Quentrequeo, Belen Olivera, Emilio Urbay, Juan Miguel Barandiaran Sánchez, Movimiento Wiphala Berlin, Hermana Killa, Rossana Poblet, Complejo Arqueológico El Paraíso – MAD, AG DecolonizeM21, Institut für Kunst im Kontext, Universität der Künste Berlin , Kristina Leko, Santiago Calderón, Helga Elsner Torres, Beatriz Rodriguez, Natalia Rodriguez, Aliza Yanes.

FOR THE PHOENIX TO FIND ITS FORM IN US. On Restitution, Rehabilitation, And Reparation

AT SAVVY Contemporary gallery


Photo by Raisa Galofre

Photografie: Raisa Galofre


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